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ACTION C.2: Activities of the Anti-poison Dog Units (NCA)

Dog unit in action in Andalusia.
Dog unit in action in Andalusia.

The Anti-poison Dog Units, formed in Andalusia with the action C.1, will each consist of five dogs trained to search for mouthfuls and poisoned corpses, one conductor and surveillance Agents.

They will be used in the Gran Sasso National Park and in Aragon for:

  • checking the territory of the Gran Sasso National Park and Aragon twice a week, for a constant screening of the area to verify the eventual use of poison;
  • carrying out targeted trips whenever there are reports of poisoned baits, corpses of carnivores and livestock died of suspected poisoning, suspicious people and behavior, etc.

In addition, the Dog Unit that operates in the Gran Sasso National Park will play another important role, cooperating in the formation of other NCA designed to operate in other regions or protected areas of Italy. This will occur on the basis of the requests that will come from other entities (like Park Authorities and other public bodies), as a result of the disclosure of NCA activity in the Gran Sasso National Park (Action D.2). In particular, this will be useful for those entities from greater risk areas, identified in the drafting of the Strategy against the use of poison (Action A.3).

The conductors of the dog units, as well as performing the inspection activities in the field, will be training dogs on a daily basis, carrying out training missions.

The activity of the dog units will be complemented by the diagnostic activity of veterinary specialists and specialized institutes (Action C.3). The NCA activity will begin in June 2010 in the Gran Sasso National Park and in January 2011 in Aragon.